This morning with Shinhwa – Venus

I started this morning with Shinhwa – Venus and a cup of coffee certainly after soup as breakfast. Then I urge to watch Shinhwa’s Venus as their comeback. There’re many youtube channels recorded their 2012 comeback but strangely no Hyesung at their comeback shows. Indeed Venus 2012 was their first comeback after 4 years inactive and firstly gathered among the members after their military duties.

I’ve known Shinhwa since they blasted their genuinely adorable idol aura in Love Letter – Kang Ho Dong show. Then Junjin and Andy made me falling in love with Shinhwa because of their dorky and funny character in Strong Heart – Seung Gi show. But no Hyesung at some music programs such as Mnet and MBS during their Venus promotion months has made me curious. I surfed the net and found that it’s because of Hyesung’s knees injury that made him had to be replaced by an anonym dancer during Venus promotion at TV music shows.

I also found this interesting fact, allow me to rewrite it here:

From @Phi – soompi forums, 2012:
Junjin: while shooting the first episode, I was going around the jTBC’s building and playing games with new idol groups. We found out that some of the new idols didn’t know us. Junjin also said, “I’d like to say that we don’t have an emcee that receives the most attention.” Kim Dongwan added, “There’s no one who could keep up to comedian Yoo Jaesuk. No member in our group has a pivotal role in anything and we just trust the production crew here.” Then Junjin enclosed, “Since we’ve been spending over a decade together, we could show the brotherhood we have through the program (Shinhwa Broadcast). If we run out of ideas, we’re considering receiving the viewers opinion as well.

However, Shinhwa has their own unique charms. No need to copy the comedian emcee right? I still love you guys…


Penulis: indrihandayani

Indri, begitu panggilannya, adalah seorang make-up artist dan esthetician, spesialis di bidang Artistry dan kini sedang belajar mengenai fitonutrisi. Dia tergabung ke international entrepreneurial membership of TQG, suatu sistem entrepreneurship internasional yang memiliki teknik teruji dan ada cabang di berbagai negara. Ngeblog adalah Passion dan berdagang adalah pilihan hidup. Baginya, Shinhwa itu vitamin dan kalo udah selesai semua kerjaan, dia mengisi waktu dengan kristikan sambil menikmati personally brewing of iced americano.

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